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Frances B Hats is your premier stop for exquisite derby fashion. Each piece is a nod to our city's vibrant traditions, hand crafted with a commitment to timeless elegance and artistry. At Frances B, our derby hats are more than an accessory, they are an invitation to immerse yourself in Louisville culture and history.        


Explore our collection of derby attire, designed to make you leave a lasting impression.    



My love for hats started at a young age...

My hat journey started when my daughter and I created derby hats from scrap material: plastic yogurt lids and felt. Since then, I have found a passion for sinamay and flowers made from feathers. 

I am grateful for the love I have from my husband and four children. I hope to share my love for derby fashion with the local community. When I am working, I am accompanied by my two golden retriever children, Rudy and Weezy.

"Frances" is in honor of my grandma, "B" stands for my initial, and "Hats" are just fabulous!


Follow my journey on social media.

Instagram: frances.b.hats

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